About Interpak

We Are A Third Generation, Family-Owned Packaging Manufacturing Company

Based in Rhode Island, we first opened our doors in 1957, and have delivered on our reputation for quality products and services for the last 60 years. We continue to earn our customers trust by being faster, finer, and flexible.


Faster: Unmatched Speed

A partnership with Interpak means that all aspects of your packaging are covered, allowing you the peace of mind to use your time as you see fit. We have identified efficiencies which allow us to increase our speed of production, ensuring a 98% on-time delivery average with the fastest sample-making process in the industry. As a result, you receive higher quality at a lower cost in a shorter time frame.

We pledge to help you increase your bottom line and earn our place as the nation’s leader in custom packaging.

Finer: Commitment to Quality

Packaging is your first chance to make a lasting impression. At Interpak, we have mastered the unboxing experience, and each of our products are designed with integrity to ensure that we are protecting yours. We know that the process requires far more than a one-size-fits-all approach; we promise to learn your brand, your clients, your budget, and your vision to make your custom package part of your brand story.

No matter the project, our top priority is delivering you the highest quality.

Flexible: Ease of Process

A memorable client experience results in unmatched client loyalty. Just as we work to create a unique experience for your clients, we promise to do the same for ours. We offer a full concept-to-completion life cycle, acting as a core member of your team rather than an external vendor. We have invested in the best equipment and people to ensure that our work meets the same standards and deadlines to which you hold your internal team.

Throughout the entirety of our partnership, our success is measured solely through your satisfaction.

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