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Custom Packaging:


Interpak offers over sixty years of experience as an American-based custom packaging manufacturer with a global presence, state-of-the-art equipment, world-class people, and a commitment to continuous improvement. We stand out from our competitors by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your packaging process by being faster, finer, and flexible.

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A domestic partnership with Interpak provides all the benefits of a made-in-America product as well as the superior quality, service, and expertise that Interpak is known for.

Faster: Unmatched Speed

We offer our customers higher quality and lower cost in a shorter time frame. Our domestic production capabilities include not only high-speed and robotic equipment in the USA, but also Asian manufacturing and sourcing - allowing us to provide shorter production lead times and a 72 hour turnaround on samples and prototypes, with a 98% on-time delivery average over the last 5 years. When you reach out to us, our Sundown Rule ensures that you will receive a response by the end of the business day.

Finer: Commitment to Quality

Our longevity of business has allowed us to hone and perfect our craft to bring you the finest quality available. We guarantee to work within our customers' budgets and timeline using our lean manufacturing process, which backs performance with evidence and metrics to make all aspects of the business measurable. Our expert support team is skilled in the art of design and production, and our focus is always to surpass expectations, from customer service to the quality of our products.

Flexible: Ease of Process

Our customers have the advantage of working with a company that can offer them a full concept-to-completion life cycle for their product. We are able to provide storage solutions, inventory analysis, and blanket purchase orders to decrease overproduction, wait time, and standing inventory. We have facilities both domestically and abroad to maximize our ability to work where you need it, when you need it.

Interpak offers global capabilities


Looking for a custom box that domestic manufacturing can’t accommodate?

Our packaging manufacturing partnerships around the globe allow us to provide you with the packaging you need while still providing you with the Interpak service you trust!