Why Jump on the Made in American Bandwagon?


Aside from being patriotic, contributing to your local economy, and taking it a little easier on the planet, purchasing domestically made products has some added benefits to your business and your bottom line.

The number one priority for most companies when considering the materials they need for their business is price. However a lower product price usually comes with a catch, whether that be longer lead times, expensive shipping, limited availability or options, or poor/unverified quality. It’s wise to weigh these priorities against the price, because they could cost you more in the long run if you choose to stick with the smallest price tag.

Domestically made products, while likely more expensive upfront, save you money in the end by saving you time and effort. Shipping a product around the world is going to cost more and take longer than shipping a product across a few states. Working with a domestically made company allows for more wiggle room when it comes to customizing your order. If your order is big enough, it’s likely that they can work with you and much easier to communicate your needs when you’re in a similar time zone and able to just pick up the phone and make a call, perhaps even meet face to face.

American manufacturers also answer to American companies and citizens, so the standards for quality will be higher. It’s much easier to return defective products and denounce a company within the same country than it is to try to convey your bad reviews across the world. Not to mention the laws in place ensuring that American companies are turning out what they promise.

Alana Riley