Interpak's Real Heros


While Interpak is known worldwide for it's packaging, and has overhauled it's manufacturing processes to go Lean, we are most proud of our very own team of heroes: The Interpak Cancer Fighters. 

Every October this team coordinates and participates in various fundraisers to raise funds to help the fight against Breast Cancer. Bake sales, fun lunches, auctioning office furniture donated by Interpak, crazy hat days, our team has come up with tons of ways to contribute to the battle against breast cancer. Most recently, we had our most successful year at the Making Strides Against Cancer walk in Downtown Providence, RI.

Making Strides Against Cancer is a 3 mile walk that our Interpak Cancer Fighters have participated in 5 years in a row. In it's first year, the team consisted of 30 walkers and raised $4,026. Fast forward to October 2017 when the team was over 130 walkers and raised over $14,900. This amount is half comprised of money donated and raised by the Interpak Cancer Fighters, and the other half comprised by Interpak's commitment to match that amount. This made Interpak the top fundraising company in the state for this event, and the Interpak Cancer Fighters the number 2 team. 

Cheers to this fantastic group of people, and thank you for all of your time and effort! Interpak is honored to have a team like you!

Alana Riley