exciting news!

We could not be prouder of our team! We are excited to announce Interpak has been selected as a winner of the Providence Business News' annual Manufacturing Awards for Excellence in Lean Manufacturing!

As the world has changed over the past 61 years, Interpak has had to change as well. One of the critical adjustments that the company has made was the decision to become a passionate advocate of the Lean Manufacturing approach to how production is organized in a factory and office.

We have incorporated the tools, philosophies and goals of Lean Manufacturing into our company culture. Lean is an operational excellence strategy that enables people and organizations to change for the better. Lean organizations are constantly eliminating waste and continuously improving the way in which they work. While it is an approach that focuses on improving processes, its greatest value lies in the development of people and is often described as a system focused on creating customer value. The fundamental building blocks of Lean that bring value to our customers are continuous improvement and respect for people.

Lean is beneficial because it limits excess inventory, the need for expediting, and wasteful activities. However, it must be noted that Lean is not just about attacking waste and increasing the speed of production. Rather, it is focused on improving the quality of products and services as well as the stability of our processes. It is also beneficial because it improves employee engagement, morale, safety, and reduces operating costs.

At Interpak, we have been on a “Lean Journey” for more than a dozen years. It has impacted our company in three ways: It has given us tools that allow us to make improvements, it has helped define our company culture (how we operate) and it has helped define many of our company goals. It has been an essential road map in our quest of continuous improvement, but most of all it has allowed us to maintain the high quality standard and consistent on-time delivery our customers have grown to trust.

As we have traveled on our “Lean Journey”, we have learned that the key to making these tools successful is the need to adopt new cultural mental models that help explain not just what a Lean tool does but why they need to be applied. This realization has allowed the Lean approach to manufacturing to not only change our production methods but also change our company’s culture.

We are thrilled about this achievement, as it reflects a milestone in our commitment to making the packaging process faster, finer, and flexible for our customers.