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Why Choose Us?

  1. Production/Sourcing Capabilities - We offer high quality competitively priced packaging from North America, Europe and Asia, We are able to source the right factory for your products, and we identify the premier relationship factories in Asia.
  2. Collaboration - Our sales team is knowledgeable and they strive to understand your business, they are problem solvers as well as professional, reliable and trustworthy. If doing business with us … we do not over promise or under deliver
  3. Domestic Manufacturing - over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of warehousing and manufacturing space.  Which ensures on time delivery and helps eliminates your frustration of late products, and allows you to meet your customer’s delivery demands.
  4. Quality Control- consistence of a first article approval process as well as QC inspections at our factories in China.  We also do our own in house tarnish testing as well as light testing for color fastness
  5. Best in class - Strict adherence to LEAN Manufacturing Techniques like Toyota's Kaizen so you can be assured of maximum shelf-life and maximum brand impact on your packaging designs.  Why pay for waste?
  6. Great Service and Great Follow Through are the "golden rules" that we strive to live by each and every day.  You will receive an answer to all requests the same day.
  7. Free samples/consultations - Our sales staff and customer service team will leverage our vast packaging experience to provide you with the most innovative and cost effective packaging solutions.
  8. Packaging Elegance -  We appreciate both functionality and aesthetics.  Our packaging solutions are elegant in their simplicity and expressive in their aesthetic appeal.
  9. Innovation -  Our know-how has defined the cutting edge of customized, creative packaging solutions since 1957.
  10. Our Vision is to help our customers increase their sales and profits!